Episode 10

Published on:

18th Feb 2020


Michael Hausman , mega American film producer of Brokeback Mountain is most at home on a quiet ranch. He tends towards movies with small town settings - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The People vs Larry Flynt - to name a couple, and was even propositioned to be the Mayor of Memphis Tennessee after shooting three films there. Hausman’s All the King’s Men took place in Louisiana and starred Sean Penn, Kate Winslet and James Gandolfini, with whom he became close friends on set. He tells of a time he placed an undercover guard in the lobby of Gandolfini’s hotel to intercept any ‘deliveries’ that were causing distractions during shoots. On the shoot’s final day, Hausman found a Rolex in his trailer signed - Thank you, James. Hausman doesn’t turn down bustling projects though, executive producing Martin Scorsese’s famed Gangs of New York, which shot in Rome, and Milos Forman’s Amadeus, which was set in Vienna but shot in Prague. After any project, though, he still manages to escape with time at his buffalo ranch out in Montana. 










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